This site displays photographs created by Ben Sadd. The focus of the material is nature with an emphasis on birds.
Selected pictures can be found in the portfolio, and a complete categorical collection under categories.
If you are interested in any of the pictures for digital or print use please see further information on the contact page.
Information about new images and other updates can be found on the blog.

Robin_Birchwood_0038.jpg Sunrise_Birchwood_122411_0001.jpg Cranes_MG_5756-2b.jpg Andean_emerald_Tandayapa_120111_0428.jpg Marsh_Harrier_Texel_1187.jpg American_pygmy_kingfisher_Sani_120611_0755.jpg Clay_lick_parrots_Sani_120711_0173.jpg Black_throated_mango_Wildsumaco_20121108_MG_1205.jpg Hoatzins_Sani_120811_1129.jpg